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Fifth wheel coupling and uncoupling guidelines

This TAP has been developed to provide operators with a guideline that provides a consistent, clear and safe procedure for coupling and uncoupling prime movers and semi-trailers using fifth wheel couplings.

ATA ITC Technical Dictionary

The ATA ITC Technical Dictionary is a guide of common terms used in ITC Technical Advisory Procedures, Safety Updates and relevant documents. 

Plan now for the coronavirus: how to keep your business going

There’s a lot of information out there about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself. 

But there is very little about how small businesses can keep going if their key staff are sick or caring for family members. 

Our coronavirus fact sheet sets out the things you can do now to prepare your trucking business as the virus spreads. 

For health information about the virus, visit or phone 1800 020 080

Drought assistance information pack

Those in drought-affected communities now have access to a Drought Assistance Information Pack. The pack allows individuals, families, farms and regional and rural communities to access services and support to help them manage in times of drought and prepare for future conditions.

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Many trucking operators have serious concerns about the legal compliance of trucking industry contracts, as well as payment terms and other provisions that require them to accept risks that should belong to customers.
The ATA has listened to those concerns, and is taking action to provide information to the members of ATA associations.

This second edition of the ATA’s Truck Impact Chart shows that higher productivity trucks can reduce road damage and halve the number of trips required to move goods.

A report published by ATA Foundation Sponsor Volvo earlier this year found that Australia has a professional truck driver shortage, but there is a strong support for industry action to find a solution.

ATA subcommittee the Industry Technical Council has created a safety alert on possible dangers relating to trailer brake interlock safety systems