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Plan now for the coronavirus: how to keep your business going

There’s a lot of information out there about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself. 

But there is very little about how small businesses can keep going if their key staff are sick or caring for family members. 

Our coronavirus fact sheet sets out the things you can do now to prepare your trucking business as the virus spreads. 

For health information about the virus, visit or phone 1800 020 080


Safety alert - Availability of truck suspension seats with integrated belts

An integrated seatbelt with the driver’s suspension seat would comfortably secure the driver and in an event of a crash, reduce the consequences. By providing details on what is currently available to industry, the ATA’s safety alert is intended to increase seat belt use and save lives.


Safety Alert - Non-approved use of HCs as refrigerants

Through the work of its Industry Technical Council, the ATA has been alerted to a number of reports of incidents where aftermarket hydrocarbon based refrigerants were used to recharge air conditioning systems. These gases are highly flammable and the incidents resulted in injuries that would not have occurred had the original refrigerant gas been installed.



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