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Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian


The Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian award honours the great community service of professional truck drivers in performing heroic and selfless acts while carrying out their normal role.

Every one of their stories contributes to bridging the perceived gap between the trucking industry and the broader community. By bringing to light these incidents, the award will contribute to road safety awareness.

Once a Highway Guardian – Always a Highway Guardian

A Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian candidate might be brought to the ATA’s attention and acknowledged at any time during the year. This title is not exclusive to one person, but rather will belong to a growing number of drivers over time, if and when incidents occur. No incident is held up against or compared to another. The status of any Highway Guardian will be revered by their peers for all time.



Highway Guardian Darren Cooke saved the life of a fellow truckie from a fiery scene on the Hume Highway. When travelling along the Hume near Yerrinbool, NSW, Darren came across a B-double that had rolled and caught alight. Darren safely brought his own truck to a stop before rescuing the driver of the B-double - pulling him to safety from the fiery cabin.


Highway Guardian Brendon Gilbert assisted a motorcyclist having a medical episode on one of Sydney’s busiest roads. Brendon was travlling on the M4 behind the rider who began to hang off his bike and fall to the ground. Quick-thinking Brendon took prompt action, bringing his truck to a stop and assisting the rider until paramedics arrived.


Highway Guardian Brett Hood saved a woman’s life at a crash outside of Warwick, QLD. Brett was on a delivery to Brisbane when he came across a man on the side of the road who had lost control of his vehicle. Brett alerted emergency services before assisting the man’s girlfriend who was trapped in the car, applying pressure to a severe laceration on her leg to prevent blood loss. 


The Honour

Each recipient of the honour will be hosted to the next ATA national event, Trucking Australia, including flights, delegate registration and accommodation. New Highway Guardians will be honoured by the peers at the ATA Foundation Sponsors Gala Dinner.

Highway Guardians will also receive a jacket patch, truck sticker, lapel pin and trophy.


There is no formal nomination process for a Highway Guardian. Members of the public are encouraged to bring potential Highway Guardian candidates to the ATA’s attention by emailing us via our Contact Form at any time of the year.



2023 Steven Young Contract Haulage
2021 James Rundle Musico Refrigerated Transport
2021 Michael Thompson Lowes Petroleum Service
2020 Matthew Georga Linfox Australia
2020 John Lee Shoobridge Transport
2020 Jeff Clegg Frasers Livestock Transport
2019 Dave Lynch Mitre 10 Bayswater
2019 Andrew Hastings Linfox
2019 Darren Cooke Lindsay Australia
2019 Brendon Gilbert Silverdale Sand and Soil
2018 Brett Hood McColl’s Transport
2018 Lew Rowe Linfox
2018 George Athanasiou APS/Americold
2018 Deon Atkins North Coast Towing
2017 Darell Wilson SUEZ
2017 Steve Bolton TollGroup
2017 John Fabian Redstar Transport
2016 Garth Hayes  
2016 Renzo Bruschi  
2016  Matthew Mitchell   
2015 Phil Berger Kerin Kay Transport
2015 Greg Camilleri Region Peak
2014 Lou Morunga Patience Bulk Haulage
2014 Brad Morrison Nightingale Transport, QLD


Highway Guardian Award for bravery by a professional driver

2012 Tim Chellas Linfox Linehaul
2011 Michael Munchow Sedl Transport, QLD