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TAP - Compliant brake chambers

Brake chambers of the right standard are a critical part of an effective brake system. This updated technical advisory procedure developed by the ATA Industry Technical Council provides information on acceptable air brake chamber build standards, a brake chamber compliance table, and warnings against seeking to disassemble a spring brake chamber.

TAP - Heavy vehicle visibility

This second edition of the ATA’s Technical Advisory Procedure on heavy vehicle visibility includes extensive technical advice on the placement of contour marking tape, key material and dimensional requirements, and applicability to vehicle types.  Vehicles enrolled in the NSW Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS) must have full contour marking (SPECTS business rules, s4.6). This TAP can be used as a guide to what is required. The TAP is also referenced in NHVR vehicle standards guide 11, Fitting of additional reflectors and conspicuity markings.


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