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Truck Impact Chart, second edition

This second edition of the ATA’s Truck Impact Chart shows that higher productivity trucks can reduce road damage and halve the number of trips required to move goods. The chart was developed by the ATA’s Industry Technical Council.

The updated truck impact chart compares different truck combinations and includes information on the number of trips required to move 1,000 tonnes, fuel use, driver requirements, overall length, emissions, and the amount of road space required.

The document also provides a range of supportive and related information including on emissions, fuel quality, license requirements, safety statistics, and impacts such as low speed swept paths.

This edition has also been revised to include the addition of Non-modular NATROAD combination A122T22

The procedure shows that safer, longer trucks can move more with less, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and that they have a better safety record and are driven by more experienced drivers who have had to meet tougher licensing requirements.