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Members & sponsors

Direct membership

The ATA’s direct members include transport industry associations, national logistics businesses and firms with leading expertise in truck and trailer technology through the ATA Industry Technical Council.

ATA members receive important member benefits and help shape Australia’s national debate on transport, road safety, business taxes and the environment.

The ATA welcomes new members that fall into one of these categories – apply to join now.


Join an ATA member association

The ATA urges all trucking businesses to join an ATA member association. These associations represent their members and provide a range of member benefits as well. By joining an ATA association, every trucking business, no matter how large or small, can have a say in the direction of the trucking industry.

To join an ATA association, choose the association that is right for you and visit its website for the details of how to apply.


ATA sponsors

The ATA can only do its work because of the generosity of its major sponsors and the many other sponsors that support its events and programs.

For more information about the benefits of sponsoring the ATA or an ATA event, contact the ATA.