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SafeT360 - the new face of road safety education





The Safety issue

Official estimates show that about 80 per cent of fatal multi-vehicle crashes involving trucks are not the fault of the truck driver.

25 per cent of occupants involved in a casualty crash with a truck are aged 26 years or younger, however this age group only represents only 10 to 15 per cent of the driver population.  


The SafeT360 solution

The SafeT360 exhibition and campaign targets 16 to 25 year old drivers and vulnerable road users, delivering an engaging hands-on experience that will educate the target audience and change their behaviour.

Young road users are put in a virtual driver’s seat to experience the realities of truck driving, learning how to keep safe around trucks on the road. This experience is supported by informative, small group presentations that reinforce safety messages and drive behavioural change.

SafeT360 will travel Australia-wide to visit career expos, high schools, TAFE colleges and universities, key road safety events and other events that specifically engage the target audience.


Key safety messages

SafeT360 will increase young peoples’ understanding of truck blind spots, stopping distances, overtaking procedures, risks associated with distraction and key messages for vulnerable road users. 






Project timeline

Production will commence in June 2019, with the project completed in October 2019. The design phase of the project (funded internally by the ATA) commenced in September 2018, following research that started in February 2018.


Supported research

The SafeT360 methodology and content will be supported by ongoing research and evaluation.

The design of the exhibition was informed by an international review of road safety communication research and three rounds of focus group testing both prior to and post concept development. The presenter scripts were tested in presentations delivered to more than one thousand late secondary school students.

The ATA will work with academic road safety researchers to design and implement a study that measures the long-term impact of the exhibition on participants’ message recall, on-road behaviour and crash and near-miss statistics.


Project sponsors

In February of 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack announced $400,000 in Australian Government funding for the Safety Truck redesign project. 

In addition to the Australian Government funding, the Safety Truck is supported by ATA Foundation Sponsors BP, Volvo and National Transport Insurance, as well as Australia Post, Bridgestone, 3M, NSW Government and Interlink Roads.

Many trucking associations, businesses, suppliers and people in the industry, as well as the NHVR and other stakeholders, have generously supported the truck’s operations since it was launched.


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