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A perfect fit: ATA and Hard Edge engaging young drivers with road safety

06 September 2018

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is partnering with behaviour change creative agency Hard Edge to engage young drivers with the road safety messages of the Volvo ATA Safety Truck.

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck ‘experience’ will be updated. New key messaging, branding and experiential ideas will ensure the travelling road safety exhibition connects with its young audience. And a targeted campaign will build awareness and a community around the truck and the road safety issues it combats.

The ATA is the peak body representing truck operators in Australia. Hard Edge is a creative agency that helps brands shift behaviour to shape a better world. ATA chose Hard Edge to work on the Safety Truck update following a selection process.

“Our current Safety Truck design has connected with the trucking industry and broader community since 2013, but it’s time for a change,” ATA CEO Ben Maguire said.

“16 to 25 year old drivers and vulnerable road users are over-represented in the crash statistics, so we plan to target these drivers, riders and pedestrians with an attractive and evidence-based exhibition and campaign.

“The ATA was a partner on the 2018 Re:act road safety behaviour change program founded and run by Hard Edge ( Re:act was a chance for us to gain insights into possible future directions for the Safety Truck and ensure this great resource is as effective as possible in educating young people about how to share the road safely with trucks.

“We went through a rigorous process in selecting the creative agency best-suited to complete the redesign. We were particularly inspired by Hard Edge’s road safety skills and understanding of how to inspire our target public.”

Hard Edge Managing Director Andrew Hardwick said the Volvo ATA Safety Truck campaign and re-design was a perfect fit for the independent agency, reflecting its passion for making a positive social contribution and expertise in behaviour change.

“Our purpose at Hard Edge is to help brands and organisations make the world a better place through thinking and creative that changes behaviour and positively impacts society,” he said. “The Safety Truck project aligns perfectly.”

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck, sponsored by Volvo, BP and NTI educates the public on how to share the road safely with trucks and has been delivering safety exhibitions in the custom-built trailer since 2008, travelling 60,000km and reaching 33,000 people annually via truck shows, festivals and school visits.