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Draft code of practice on level crossings and train visibility

10 April 2024

Lighting and illuminating trains more effectively must be a legal requirement, the ATA’s comprehensive response to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator’s (ONRSR) draft Code of practice on level crossings and train visibility says.

The ATA has identified key issues within the draft code. These include the non-binding nature of the code, lack of new safety obligations for the rail industry, and a discretionary approach to train visibility that excludes valuable input from external stakeholders.

The ATA also raises concerns about limited stakeholder representation in the code’s development, an overemphasis on human error over rail conspicuity, misleading interpretations of legal provisions, and a lack of commitment to action.

The ATA’s submission includes detailed recommendations for each issue, advocating for greater accountability, inclusivity, and commitment to improving safety at level crossings.

This submission is a crucial step towards fostering a safer and more collaborative approach to rail safety in Australia. The ATA urges immediate action to prevent further fatalities and serious injuries at level crossings.