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Under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007, corporations that meet certain thresholds for greenhouse gas emissions and energy production and consumption are required to report to the Greenhouse and Energy Data Officer.This fact sheets details how to use the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Operational Control Scorecard.

The ATA has today warned against the use of non-identical brake parts on an axle, in a new Safety Alert designed for workshop and parts personnel.

This technical advisory procedure has been developed to provide operators with best-practice advice and extensive technical information on wheel security, and has been updated as at April 2016.

This technical advisory procedure provides trucking operators with essential checks to make sure the park brakes on their trucks restrain their trailers safely.

Through the work of its Industry Technical Council, the ATA has been alerted to a number of reports of incidents where aftermarket hydrocarbon based refrigerants were used to recharge air conditioning systems. These gases are highly flammable and the incidents resulted in injuries that would not have occurred had the original refrigerant gas been installed.

ATA members have reported a number of instances where suzi coil airlines have been used to provide brake air over a drawbar coupling. This use of suzi coils could potentially prevent timely application of emergency brakes in a decoupling situation.

The ATA has been alerted to a number of instances where newly purchased and installed fittings/airlines have failed to seal correctly. If undetected, these leaks could cause on-road complications such as the unintended activation of emergency braking systems.

The ATA has released a sample truck breakdown call out sheet to help operators ask the right questions when a driver calls the depot to report a breakdown.

The Victorian Transport Industry Safety Group has released a new set of guidelines to help operators, drivers and technicians make sure a truck breakdown site is safe for their staff and the general public.

The Truckies Top Tips provide motorists with advice about how to share the road safely with Australia’s 534,000 trucks.