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TruckSafe to set new bar in safety

26 May 2016

The TruckSafe safety accreditation program will set a new high bar for trucking industry safety with the release of its new accreditation standards at Trucking Australia 2016 next month.

Trucking Australia 2016 is the Australian Trucking Association’s peak national event. It will be held at the Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said the new standards would continue to ensure that TruckSafe accredited operators were some of Australia’s safest trucking businesses.

“TruckSafe is a safety accreditation program developed by the industry, for the industry. With the existing standards covering management, maintenance, driver health, and training, TruckSafe operators go above and beyond the requirements of the law to make sure their businesses are safe,” Mr Marley said.

“The industry has changed a lot since TruckSafe was first developed 20 years ago, so it’s essential that TruckSafe also keeps up with changes in regulations, technologies and industry practices.

“The updated TruckSafe standards will define a new level of best practice for the trucking industry, and include a new mandatory module covering on-road compliance.

“Other key changes include the introduction of a new practical driving assessment as part of a driver’s induction. This goes beyond having a valid driver’s licence – as an industry, we need to know that our drivers can safety handle a heavy vehicle under conditions relevant to their position.

“To ensure those skills are kept sharp, everyone covered under the TruckSafe standards will be re-inducted every three years. For drivers, this will include a refresher of their practical driving assessment.

“Accredited TruckSafe operators will continue to be subject to independent audits to make sure they uphold the TruckSafe standards. Auditors will start implementing the new standards from January 2017.”

Mr Marley said the TruckSafe session at Trucking Australia 2016 would provide invaluable information for TruckSafe members and non-members alike.

“Improving the trucking industry’s safety record is important to everyone, not just TruckSafe members,” Mr Marley said.

“That’s why the session will include best practice industry procedures that all operators can implement in their businesses. Delegates will also learn from operators who have trialled the new standards already, and find out what really made a difference in their workplaces.”

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You can find out more about the TruckSafe accreditation program, including a full list of accredited operators, at