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Industry welcomes new heavy vehicle safety projects

05 March 2015

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of $200 million in heavy vehicle infrastructure funding through the latest round of the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program.

The program has dedicated $200 million to heavy vehicle projects across Australia over five years from 2014-15.  The projects include road access improvements, new bridges, and building new or upgraded heavy vehicle rest areas across the country.

ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair said the projects would provide essential support to truck drivers on the road.

“The fatigue laws dictate that truck drivers must take regular breaks, but on many freight routes there simply aren’t enough rest areas for drivers to comply,” Mr St Clair said.

“In 2008, a review of truck rest areas found that none of Australia’s major highways fully met the national guidelines, which require a major rest area every 100 kilometres, a minor rest area every 50 kilometres, and a small truck parking bay every 30 kilometres.

“The ATA applauds the Government for continuing to improve heavy vehicle infrastructure through the program. By making it easier for drivers to find a place to stop, this funding improves safety for all road users.”