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ATA releases truck and dog stability guide

30 November 2015

The Australian Trucking Association has published a revised and updated version of its truck and dog Technical Advisory Procedure, which provides best practice advice for achieving dynamic stability with these combinations.

ATA Chief Executive Christopher Melham said vehicle stability was a key safety issue for all trucking operators, but little guidance was available for optimising truck and dog combinations.

Friday Facts - Independent regulator needed for road pricing reform

27 November 2015

The introduction of cost-reflective road pricing must include the establishment of an independent economic regulator to set fair, enforceable prices for road users, ATA CEO Chris Melham said this week. For more information, read this week’s edition of the Friday Facts.

Registrations open for Trucking Australia 2016

27 November 2015

Registrations are now open for Trucking Australia 2016, the ATA’s peak national event where operators are invited to help develop the trucking industry’s plans and priorities.