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Volvo ATA Safety Truck

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Volvo ATA Safety Truck - the trucking industry’s road safety exhibition




What is the Volvo ATA Safety Truck?

The mobile education centre was brought to life to participate in road safety education programs, trucking industry led community events and other public events around the country.

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck connects the road transport industry with the community in a positive way and educate them about sharing the road safely with trucks.

An initiative of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), the Volvo ATA Safety Truck responds to the community’s concerns about the trucking industry’s impact on daily life. The trucking industry and its stakeholders recognise our responsibility to engage with the community in managing Australia growing freight task. The ATA, its member’s and stakeholders created Safety Truck to do exactly that.

The community becomes increasingly receptive to the safety messages as they realise the essential role of the trucking industry to everyday life.

Safety is a crucial issue to Australia’s professional truck drivers and the trucking industry. Truck drivers share their workplace with thousands of motorists every day. They understand that road safety is everyone’s business.

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck is principally sponsored by the ATA’s Foundation Sponsors and through their generous support, Safety Truck is  powered by BP and protected by NTI.

Keep an eye out for the Volvo ATA Safety Truck in your community!


The Volvo ATA Safety Truck on tour

To find out where the Volvo ATA Safety Truck is heading next or to get the Volvo ATA Safety Truck to your next event email





Truckies Top Tips

The Truckies Top Tips provide motorists with advice about how to share the road safely with Australia’s 534,000 trucks. 

The trucking industry is working hard to improve our safety, but we know that many of the accidents between trucks and cars are due to mistakes by car drivers. Drivers are just not taught how to share the road with trucks.

The tips include:

  • Avoid blind spots. Truck drivers use their mirrors to see surrounding traffic. Sitting too close to the left passenger door or too close behind the truck may mean the driver doesn’t know you’re there.
  • Do not cut in front of trucks. Truck drivers leave a large gap between their vehicle and the car in front. But don’t cut in – because of a truck’s size and weight, it needs almost twice as much room to brake as a car.
  • Dip your high beams early when coming up behind a truck. A truck’s mirrors don’t have an anti-glare position.

Truckies Top Tips are demonstrated through interactive and educational activities on board the exhibition including iPad applications and entertaining videos.


Teaching young Australia to interact safely with trucks

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck is designed to attract audiences of all age groups. As interacting with trucks is not covered in standard driver training or assessments, the messages are essential to anyone driving, particularly in regional areas where heavy vehicles are very much a part of everyday life. Kids are also very effective means of influencing their parents’ behaviour whether through conversation, repeating the messages, or as ‘back seat drivers’.

Most local regions facilitate road safety education programs, targeting local teenagers who are about to get their driver’s licence. Safety Truck complements these programs, to ensure the teenage audience’s driver education includes understanding how to safely interact with trucks and share the road safely.

If you are involved in a road safety education program in your area, get in touch with the Volvo ATA Safety Truck to see how we can help!




Get involved and keep in touch

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck provides a significant community service to convey educational safety messages; with your support it is also a powerful public relations device with potential to improve industry image.

Let’s work together to make the roads safer.



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