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30 March 2012

The ATA General Council will meet next Wednesday to discuss the industry’s response to the decision by Australia’s transport ministers to increase the fuel tax on trucking operators by 10.4 per cent, or 2.4 cents per litre, from 1 July. The details are in this week’s edition of the Friday Facts.

23 March 2012

A free online training course on loading and unloading exclusion zones is now available, thanks to the LUEZ Project Steering Committee. The details are in today’s issue of the Friday Facts.

16 March 2012

The Australian Trucking Association has welcomed the NSW Government’s decision to ground trucks caught travelling at more than 115 km/h, implementing a long-standing call for action by the ATA.

09 March 2012

Australia’s transport ministers have voted unanimously in favour of changes to the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme, which will come into effect when the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator begins operations in 2013. The details are in the latest issue of the Friday Facts.

02 March 2012

Nominations for the 2012 Australian National Trucking Industry Awards are now open. These awards acknowledge and promote the commitment and achievements of individuals and organisations in all fields of endeavour throughout the road freight transport industry. The details are in today’s issue of the Friday Facts.

24 February 2012

ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair called this week for police to issue a defect notice to any truck travelling more than 100 kilometers per hour on the flat, in response to media allegations about speed limiter tampering in the industry. The details are in today’s issue of the Friday Facts.

17 February 2012

The ATA has today released its proposed amendments to the national truck laws. Under these amendments, the directors and managers of trucking businesses would have the same rights as other Australians: they would be innocent until proven guilty of offences under the laws.The details are in today’s issue of the Friday Facts, along with the chance to win a MegaTruckers gift pack!

10 February 2012

The 10 February 2012 issue of the Friday Facts leads with the ATA’s call to slash B-double registration charges, but that’s not all. It reports on a new survey that shows one in three truck drivers have reduced their usual driving speed since 2009.