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Latest issues

22 June 2018

The ATA is standing up for truckies on toll roads. We have recommended that the ACCC should not approve the sale of WestConnex to Sydney Transport Partners (STP), because in the long run it would push up truck tolls even further.

15 June 2018

The ATA will seek exemptions and amendments to the design rules for trailer tail/stop/indicator light configurations to protect operators.

08 June 2018

The Australian Government has mandated stability control technology for a range of new trucks and trailers, saving 126 lives and preventing 1,101 serious injuries in the years to come.

01 June 2018

Heavy vehicle permit approvals for road access are blocking growth and investment in the Australian economy as trucks, goods and equipment are buried in red tape at the roadside.

25 May 2018

The Australian Trucking Association has called for major changes to proposed new guidelines for building truck rest areas. The new guidelines would classify access to toilets, lighting and water as ‘desirable’, not a requirement.

18 May 2018

The ATA has welcomed the focus of an Australian Government inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities.

11 May 2018

Australia’s hardworking truckies deserve better rest areas. The ATA’s call for more spending on rest areas and better facilities leads the 11 May 2018 issue of the Friday Facts.

04 May 2018

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck is heading north to feature in a Youth Driver Safety Expo in Hervey Bay, QLD.