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Daimler Truck Future Leaders' Forum


About the forum

The 2023 Daimler Truck Future Leaders’ Forum is a career-defining opportunity to develop your potential as a future leader of the trucking industry and the ATA’s network of member associations.

The 2023 program will consist of:

  • Two days of intensive workshops in Canberra in February 2023
  • Development of industry advocacy projects
  • A digital check-in meeting
  • Participation in Trucking Australia 2023 from 29-31 March 2023

Participants will:

  • Learn how government policy is developed and how businesses and industry associations can have an influence in an effective and ethical way
  • Learn how to handle media interviews
  • Develop industry advocacy projects in collaboration with peers, with facilitation and mentoring from Wisdom Learning. Participants will present the results at Trucking Australia 2023
  • Development a strong professional network with like-minded industry leaders


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