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Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders' Forum

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About the forum

The 2021 Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum is a career-defining opportunity to develop your potential as a future leader of the trucking industry and the ATA’s network of member associations.

The 2021 program will consist of:

  • Two days of intensive workshops in Canberra on 21-22 June 2021
  • Development of industry advocacy projects
  • A digital check-in meeting
  • Participation in Trucking Australia 2021 from 29 September - 1 October

Participants will:

  • Learn how government policy is developed and how businesses and industry associations can have an influence in an effective and ethical way
  • Learn how to handle media interviews
  • Develop industry advocacy projects in collaboration with peers, with facilitation and mentoring from Wisdom Learning. Participants will present the results at Trucking Australia 2021
  • Development a strong professional network with like-minded industry leaders


To participate in the 2021 Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum, you must complete the nomination form including:

  • Be aged between 18 and 40 inclusive as of 21 June 2021
  • Be involved as an owner or employee in a trucking business that is a financial member of an ATA member association or is a TruckSafe accredited operator. A participant could also be a direct member of an ATA association that offers individual membership.
  • Be available to travel to Canberra for the workshops on 20-23 2021 and to Trucking Australia 2021 from 29 September - 1 October
  • Submit a brief outline of what you hope to achieve as a Future Leader and why you wish to take part in the program
  • Be willing to undertake media activity, present at Trucking Australia 2021, and afterwards be available as a media contact on industry issues.


Daimler Truck and Bus will pay the full cost of participation, including travel, accommodation, delegate fees and meals. Participants will only have to pay incidental expenses.

How to apply

Complete the nomination form attached below and apply through an ATA member association or through TruckSafe. Contact your member association or TruckSafe, or talk to your employer if your company is a member.

About Daimler Truck and Bus

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific markets leading commercial vehicles including Freightliner trucks, Fuso trucks and buses and Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses, along with Alliance Truck Parts. It is the only manufacturer that can offer American, European and Japanese trucks from a single source, with a range spanning from city-friendly car-licence trucks through to heavy duty road train prime movers.



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