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30 November 2018

Access to co-operative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and automated vehicle (AV) data should be limited to uses that benefit the general public and improve safety outcomes.

Data generated by C-ITS and AV technologies offers the potential to underpin continued innovation in transport safety and efficiency. However, operators using these systems in their fleets have highlighted the need for driver confidence regarding the protection of their privacy.  

06 November 2018

The NHVR’s Safety Policy must support an effective response to safety recommendations from independent no blame safety investigations and the potential of technology to improve safety outcomes.

31 August 2018

The planned independent price regulator for truck charges must have the power to regulate toll road and landside port charges. Extra local government road use charges must be banned, this ATA submission says.

17 August 2018

Transurban’s draft undertaking to the ACCC does not address the ATA’s concerns about the proposed acquisition of WestConnex.

02 August 2018

The National Transport Commission should change a draft amendment to the heavy vehicle standards that would require all trailer safety equipment to be connected to its hauling vehicle – even if it cannot be connected.

12 July 2018

Automated driving systems must be subject to independent, no-blame safety investigations.

10 July 2018

The load restraint provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) conflict with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC) and must be fixed.

07 June 2018

The ATA has raised competition concerns about the proposed acquisition of WestConnex by the Sydney Transport Partners Consortium (STP), including Transurban.

01 June 2018

There is a pressing need for a regulatory and tax reform agenda to enhance productivity and investment in the trucking industry, and as a result, underpin the competitiveness of Australian businesses and supply chains.

23 May 2018

The Australian Trucking Association is strongly disappointed in the combined approach of governments to improve heavy vehicle rest areas and the lack of priority it places on safety and addressing fatigue for drivers.