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01 May 2010

The ATA has released its response to the National Transport Commission’s regulatory impact statement (RIS) into its review of the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme. The RIS identifies a number of issues with industry take up and examines several options for improving participation, as well as providing certainty of access for PBS vehicles on Australian road networks.

01 January 2010

Reducing barriers to entry and putting road safety first are essential for any driver competency framework, the ATA said in this submission to the Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency working group.

09 September 2009

In this submission to the NTC, the ATA calls for development of a national framework for regulations that recognises, encourages and supports adopters of technology, including existing operator telematics systems.

However, the ATA opposes the mandating of telematics or even linking telematics to additional access as these hurdles will be counterproductive to adoption of technology, including telematics.

01 September 2009

The ATA supports the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, and calls for expansion of the road train network to be made a priority for this funding.

24 August 2009

Truck drivers should be screened for depression as part of the medical checks for their driver’s licence, TruckSafe or fatigue accreditation, according to the ATA’s submission to the National Transport Commission review of the transport medical standards.

29 July 2009

In this submission to the Senate Select Committy on Fuel and Energy, the ATA recommends expanding the portion of heavy vehicle revenue collected through the fuel excise mechanism to improve efficiency of revenue collections, improve signals to road users, and fairly incorporate alternative fuels.

05 June 2009

The ATA has recommended that urban road safety can be improved by road treatments including sealing shoulders, controlling shoulder parking and allowing truck drivers to use long stay parking in industrial areas to meet rest break requirements in this submission to the ARRB group.

01 May 2009

The revised regulatory impact statement (RIS) is a significantly improved document and many parts enjoy strong support from the ATA, including the Commonwealth’s preferred option four. However, we believe Ministers should be provided with additional information that more fully reflects the ATA’s views on the need for a holistic way forward.

01 April 2009

In a submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC), the ATA has argued against increasing the fuel tax and registration charges paid by trucking operators in 2010-11. The ATA’s submission is in response to an NTC consultation paper that argues the industry’s fuel tax and registration charges should go up by 4.2 per cent in 2010-11.

24 March 2009

The ‘NTC’ should not be allowed broaden its responsibilities beyond safety and productivity in its respective sectors, the ATA has said in this submission.