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16 August 2013

The National Transport Commission (NTC) should work towards a nationally consistent application of the law in its review of the Australian Road Rules and Australian Vehicle Standards Rules, the ATA has said in its latest submission.

The submission says that moving to an applied law approach for the Australian Road Rules would improve uniformity, and produce better road safety outcomes for Australia.

08 August 2013

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education has released draft legislation to start emissions trading on 1 July 2014, rather than 1 July 2015.

The draft bills make amendments to the Clean Energy Act 2011, the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011, the Fuel Tax Act 2006, and the Excise Tariff Act 1921. The changes are predominantly technical in nature.

26 July 2013

This submission to the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment reform (HVCI) recommends that it should implement the short-term recommendations from the independent “A future strategy for road supply and charging in Australia” PricewaterhouseCoopers report.

21 June 2013

The ATA has strongly supported the continuation of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 in this submission to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

31 May 2013

This submission details the views of the members of the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Industry Technical Council (ITC) on the proposed changes to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) for Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems released for industry comment.

26 April 2013

The ATA has recommended that any potential carbon price be altered only once a year with at least three months warning of any price changes in this submission to the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

22 April 2013

The ATA has expressed its support for the draft Transport and Other Legislation (National Heavy Vehicle Law) amendment bill 2013.

The ATA supports a smooth implementation of the HVNL across Australia through the use of state-based provisions in specific areas where the national framework does not yet operate, and says it is vital that industry remains confident that there will be no legislative derogations between states.

12 April 2013

This submission provides recommendations on the NTC’s Heavy Vehicle Charges Review discussion paper, which examined the entire PayGo system and identified areas where the NTC intends to assess the accuracy and appropriateness of the system.

The ATA’s submission supports the review and calls for SCOTI to allow further investigation through a formal Regulatory Impact Statement process.

21 March 2013

The National Transport Commission has proposed that the charges paid by trucking operators should increase 2.5 per cent from 1 July 2013.

In its submission, the ATA instead recommends that the road user charge and registration charges should increase by 2.25 per cent – the forecast inflation rate.

25 February 2013

This submission discusses the heavy vehicle charges included under the PayGo system, and calls for national consistency in road access pricing. It also includes a series of recommendations for creating a fair and transparent road pricing system, such as including all road users in the PayGo model.