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12 February 2015

The Australian Government should freeze the trucking industry’s road user charge in the 2015-16 Budget, the ATA has said in its 2015-16 pre-Budget submission.

06 February 2015

The ATA supports the creation of a two tiered system with less arduous requirements for low risk vehicle modifications as part of the RMS vehicle safety compliance scheme investigation. These modifications are often carried out by operators during initial vehicle build up and as part of normal servicing or maintenance of their vehicle fleet.

30 January 2015

The chain of responsibility provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law should be streamlined to reduce complexity without affecting safety, the ATA submission to the National Transport Commission’s Chain of Responsibility (CoR) duties review says.

05 December 2014

The NTC is undertaking a review of national penalties under the Heavy Vehicle National Law administered by the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

As part of this review, NTC has created a draft ‘Penalties Matrix’ that will systematically:

  • assess the consistency of current penalties, and
  • provide a guide for setting penalties for future offences.

The ATA offers feedback and recommendations in this submission on the design and utility of the draft penalties matrix.

05 December 2014

The medical standards for truck drivers in accreditation schemes should be strengthened to include sleep apnoea and diabetes screening, as well as cardiac screening for some drivers, the ATA submission to the 2014 review of Assessing Fitness to Drive says.

20 November 2014

The Senate should pass important amendments to the Fuel Tax Act to protect small trucking businesses from the side effects of fuel tax indexation, the Australian Trucking Association has said in this submission to the  Senate Economics Committee.

The Government has used  tariff proposals to increase the fuel tax rate from 38.143 cents per litre to 38.6 cents per litre. The rate will be indexed in line with inflation on 1 February and 1 August.

07 November 2014

The Australian Government should call for an update to the international fuel stockpiling rules and take responsibility for holding emergency fuel stocks, the Australian Trucking Association said in this submission to the Department of Industry’s Energy Green Paper.

06 November 2014

This ATA submission to the NTC review of access to PBS mass limits for truck and trailer combinations conveys the feedback received from ATA member associations and industry stakeholders.

24 October 2014

Australia should retain its existing system of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for heavy vehicles, the ATA recommended in its submission to the Australian Government’s review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

26 September 2014

Australia’s transport ministers should wind down the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) in its current form, the ATA said in its submission to the joint NTC/NHVR heavy vehicle roadworthiness review.