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21 October 2016

The Heavy Vehicle National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 would make far reaching changes to the HVNL. It should be passed.

06 October 2016

The ATA has provided the NTC with industry feedback on its PBS Marketplace consultation paper.

28 September 2016

The ATA has recommended in its submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) to increase volumetric load capacity in semi-trailers and heavy vehicles without further increasing mass limits.

09 September 2016

In its submission to the development of the Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee work plan, the ATA has called for improving truck driver licensing training and assessment to be a high priority.

18 August 2016

The ATA’s submission to the National Transport Commission’s review of the PAYGO system for setting truck and bus charges argues that truck registration labels should be abolished and businesses should be allowed to pay their registration charges monthly.

08 July 2016

The ATA has urged the NTC to adopt the ATA’s long standing position of supporting the grounding of heavy vehicles for speeding offences of 15 km/h or more over the open road 100 km/h limit when the detected speeding occurs on a flat road.

07 July 2016

Following the initial submission to the NTC in March 2016 concerning regulatory options for autonomous vehicles, the ATA has provided further comments to the NTC for consideration.

29 April 2016

The ATA has called for corporate officers and directors to be held personally liable under the Heavy Vehicle National Law for exercising due diligence to prevent 34 specific safety critical offences, as part of this submission to the NTC’s executive officer liability review.

08 April 2016

All diesel heavy vehicles used on public roads should be required to meet one of the three maintenance / test criteria in the Fuel Tax Act to be eligible for fuel tax credits, the ATA has said in this submission.

22 March 2016

This review compares the states’ arrangements for managing overseas drivers licence holders,and was provided to the Rural and Regional affairs And Transport References Senate Committee as part of its Aspects of road safety in Australia public hearing.