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Trailer light exemptions needed to protect operators

15 June 2018

The ATA will seek exemptions and amendments to the design rules for trailer tail/stop/indicator light configurations to protect operators. 

In what has been described as an operational and technical nightmare, the current Australian design rules have not kept pace with changing technology and our understanding of road safety. 

On behalf of the industry, the ATA will apply to the Department of Infrastructure Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) for an immediate review of individual lights assembled as multiple combinations and request for the ADR to be amended accordingly. 

“This type of tail/stop/indicator light configuration is common practice with many operators and trailer manufacturers,” ATA Chief Engineer Bob Woodward said. 

“Within reason, additional lights provide additional safety warnings and should be permitted,” he said. 

Using evidence from its Industry Technical Council, the ATA will continue discussions with the DIRDC in order to safeguard operators and remove regulatory obstacles.

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