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Victoria recognises TruckSafe as an industry code of practice

11 October 2011

The Victorian Government has formally recognised the trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, as an industry code of practice under the state’s Road Safety Act.

The decision means it will be easier for TruckSafe accredited operators to prove they have taken reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the road safety laws. It recognises that TruckSafe operators are required to meet stringent standards to maintain their accreditation.

The Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, David Simon, announced Victoria’s registration of TruckSafe as an industry code of practice when he opened the 2011 TruckSafe Forum in Sydney today. The forum is part of the PACCAR and Dealer Technical and Maintenance Conference.

“Under the chain of responsibility laws, all parties in the supply chain must take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the driver fatigue, speed, and mass, dimension and load restraint rules,” Mr Simon said.

“The Victorian Government’s recognition of TruckSafe as an industry code of practice confirms that complying with the letter and spirit of the TruckSafe standards, rules and code of conduct is a way that businesses can take reasonable steps to prevent road transport law breaches.”

Mr Simon said joining TruckSafe was a major – but worthwhile – business decision.

“The TruckSafe standards are clear and straightforward, but meeting them can require a business to make major changes to the way it operates,” Mr Simon said.

“The rewards, however, are worthwhile. A growing number of industry customers now require firms to be accredited, to meet their own chain of responsibility obligations. Independent statistics show that TruckSafe businesses are twice as safe as non-accredited operators, with far fewer vehicle defects.

“And now the Victorian Government has recognised that proven compliance with the TruckSafe standards is evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to prevent safety breaches in the areas covered by the standards. It’s an extra level of assurance for TruckSafe operators and their customers or prime contractors,” he said.

TruckSafe accredited operators are required to meet special management, maintenance, driver health and training standards. Their compliance with those standards is audited regularly by external auditors.

Operators accredited under TruckSafe automatically meet the environmental criteria to receive the Australian Government’s 15.043 cents per litre fuel tax credit, and automatically meet the Queensland Government’s requirement that all its contractors have quality assurance programs.

The TruckSafe program is run by the Australian Trucking Association.

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