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Support the Road Ahead and make truck driving safer

17 June 2011

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has launched a supporters’ program so trucking businesses, suppliers and their staff can help the industry’s road safety exhibition, the Road Ahead, spread its safety message further.

The result will be better educated car drivers and fewer accidents between cars and trucks.

The Road Ahead is a semi-trailer filled with displays about how to drive safely around trucks, the trucking industry and industry careers. More than 60,000 people have visited the exhibition since it was launched in 2008. The ATA’s presenters have delivered more than a thousand presentations at 200 schools.

ATA Director and Managing Director of Mountain Industries, Mike Almond, said the Road Ahead was helping to make the roads safer for everyone in the trucking industry.

Mr Almond said, “Most crashes between trucks and cars are caused by cars. Through the Road Ahead, we are giving car drivers and future car drivers the knowledge to share the road safely with trucks, including:

• don’t cut in front of trucks;
• do not overtake turning trucks; and
• make sure you can see the truck driver’s mirrors.

“The Road Ahead has been a huge success, but we want keep it on the road for longer each year.

“I’m inviting everyone in the trucking industry to sign up to support the Road Ahead. Businesses in the program will be able to invite their staff to sign up for just two dollars a week, with the business making a contribution too.

“Supporters will receive updates about where the Road Ahead is going, exclusive graphics for their stationery or website and invitations to Road Ahead events when it’s in their local area. The ATA will also promote their support through the Road Ahead website and in our other publications.

“In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing to trucking businesses and suppliers across Australia urging them to sign up with their staff – because we can make the roads safer for our industry, one presentation and school visit at a time,” he said.

The flyer for the supporters’ program highlights Echuca Secondary College student Sarah Head, who was the 50,000th visitor to the Road Ahead when it visited the college in 2010. After visiting the exhibition, she summarised what she had learned.

“When I get my licence, I’ll make sure I just do one thing at a time so I can concentrate on my driving. I will wait for trucks when they turn, give them space and not get in their blind spots,” she said.

To sign up for the Road Ahead, visit