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Submission on the review of the Intelligent Access Program

30 August 2013

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) strongly supports heavy vehicle operators who believe telematics services are good for their business and add to their viability. However, we note from the outset that such technology is not necessary to run a safe, compliant and viable transport company. Compliance assurance, including route compliance assurance, can take many forms.

This submission recommends that a truly voluntary compliance monitoring option is established, with an open standard for vehicle devices and first party compliance obligations. This would allow operators who wish to use technology to satisfy compliance duties to do so with
comfort that the technology attracts a presumption of accuracy.

Vehicles operating at Higher Mass Limits (HML); Performance-based Standards (PBS) combinations; and safe, legal prescriptive combinations (including, but not only, modular B-triples and AB-triples) should travel under notices and attract no mandatory monitoring under the IAP.