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Proposed spectrum sharing between Telstra and TPG for better mobile phone coverage

15 June 2022

The ATA supports the proposed spectrum sharing arrangement from Telstra and TPG. Delivering better mobile phone coverage in regional areas would improve the resilience, safety and productivity of the trucking industry.

The proposal would improve the quality of regional mobile connectivity and increase competition and choice for regional mobile phone customers.

Providing access for Telstra to TPG owned spectrum will improve service quality, both within the regional coverage zone and in areas beyond the zone where Telstra may be the only provider. Increasing demand for data services can affect service quality, which can result in patchy service or slow speeds. Modern trucks are data intensive and service quality is important to the road transport industry.

By providing TPG access to the Telstra network in the regional coverage zone, there will be improved mobile phone competition for the 17 per cent of the Australian population in this region. Broadly speaking, choice will increase from Telstra and Optus in these regions to now include Telstra, Optus or TPG. Regional areas provide critical industries serviced by road transport (such as agriculture) and key freight routes cross regional areas.