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Draft National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy submission

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31 July 2015

The NT Department of Transport should action its proposed strategic transport infrastructure and regulation actions, the ATA has said in this submission to the draft National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy.

The challenge facing rural Australia is to make domestic agriculture businesses more productive and commercially viable. This will not happen without the presence of reasonable road infrastructure, as air services cannot fill the gap in freight delivery.

It may also not happen without alleviating the large economic burden placed on local government areas for road upkeep and costly municipal infrastructure.

The ATA seeks clear, strategic recognition from decision makers that traditional funding and budgeting approaches for the supply and maintenance of country roads do not meet the needs of many people and businesses.

The submission also encourages better access for high productivity vehicles, and streamlined governance covering road transport through different areas.

ATA member association ALRTA has developed a detailed submission to the strategy regarding modular vehicle combination use.