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Cooperative ITS Regulatory Policy Issues submission

05 February 2013

The ATA has called for the NTC to prioritise safety benefits over enforcement opportunities in this submission on Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

C-ITS refers to systems that enable communication between vehicles and infrastructure to improve road safety, traffic management or driver decision-making.

The ATA recommends the use of open or performance-based standards in technology based policies to allow for changing technologies, provide a competitive telematics market and avoid unnecessary barriers to operator uptake.

The submission also recommends that roads agencies ensure that operators wishing to make their fleet safer are not penalised with higher levels of regulation, and that a level of anonymity be provided to operators who provide their telematics data for modelling purposes.

The aviation industry’s policy on black boxes is used as an example, where laws prevent black box data from being used in anything other than no-blame safety investigations.