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Coverage extension devices - exclusive Telstra offer

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Staying connected to help you go further in regional Australia

Telstra is working hard to extend its network coverage even further by offering regional customers products like the Telstra Go Repeater – a device designed to maximize coverage. This ‘intelligent’ antenna works by wirelessly replicating or ‘repeating’ a mobile signal to boost reception. It can offer more reliable voice calling with fewer dropouts, and provide more consistent mobile broadband data speeds (3G 850 MHz, and 4G 700 and 1800 MHz). Telstra estimate that customers would benefit from an additional 10,000 kilometres of 4G coverage along some 60,000 kilometres of national highways and roads, with the use of in-vehicle extension devices alone.

Go mobile or stationary
Telstra Go Repeater comes in two versions: a stationary version to provide better coverage at a permanent location, such as around farm buildings or at home, and a portable version to boost coverage in vehicles.
Avoid illegal repeaters
The Telstra Go Repeater is designed to work without interfering with the overall mobile network. This is very different to illegal mobile repeater devices that don’t have the internal protection of Telstra approved devices. Illegal devices can also cause major interference on the network, so it is important to only use Telstra approved network extension devices like the Telstra Go Repeater.

Telstra is pleased to offer ATA members product discounts on three coverage extension devices: Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna, Yagi Antenna and Telstra Go Mobile Repeater



Discounts will be applied for new purchases from the 16th of June, 2020

  • Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna - $50 discount
  • Yagi Antenna - $10 discount
  • Telstra Go Mobile Repeater - $50 discount
  • Combined order (TMSA + Yagi OR Telstra Go + Yagi) - $60 discount


How to access the discount

IMPORTANT – please follow instructions carefully

  • Call 1800 305 307 to discuss coverage extension solutions.
  • Once you are connected to a Telstra Team Member, you will be assessed for the correct coverage extension solution.
  • If you then decide to purchase one of the products listed above, proactively identify yourself as an ATA member to identify that you are eligible to receive a discount.
  • To be eligible members must have a current Telstra mobile postpaid or fixed account.
  • Members will receive the discount on their first OR second bill. Please contact 1800 305 307 if the discount does not appear by the second bill.

ALTERNATIVELY – To pay by monthly instalments (excluding the ATA member discount)


More information on coverage extension products

For pricing see attached flyer below