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2016 Annual Review

The ATA released its 2016 Annual Review on 24 June at Trucking Australia 2016.

The review sets out how the ATA has responded to key objectives and concerns outlined in action plans that were developed by delegates at Trucking Australia 2015.

The ATA considered carefully these action plans, and we outlined in our 2016 Annual Review the completed and ongoing initiatives that we put in place to achieve these goals, effectively closing the loop in the ATA’s policy development process.

Three key areas came out of the 2015 action plans and were the focus of the actions of the ATA. These focus areas were:

  • Keeping the focus on safety
  • Building outstanding trucking businesses
  • Attracting and training new entrants

With a focus on these areas, some of the key actions the ATA took in order to further the realisation of these goals were: