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TruckSafe delivering fuel tax credit benefits

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07 May 2019

Australia’s leading safety accreditation scheme, TruckSafe, has announced the program’s new standards are now accredited for fuel tax credits. 

TruckSafe’s world class business and risk management scheme provides accredited members with best-practice systems. 

“TruckSafe is proud to say we are Australia’s only heavy vehicle accreditation scheme that is approved under the Fuel Tax Act 2006,” TruckSafe Chair Ferdie Kroon said. 

“That means fuel used in TruckSafe accredited vehicles is eligible for fuel tax credits,” he said. 

Under the Fuel Tax Act 2006, businesses wishing to seek a fuel tax credit for the use of diesel fuel in a heavy vehicle must meet one of four environmental criteria to be eligible for the credit. Among the four criteria: Vehicles registered in an audited maintenance program accredited by the Transport Secretary. 

“Last month we launched our updated standards, and I am pleased these have now been officially accredited for fuel tax credits,” Mr Kroon said. 

“This is just one of the many benefits of being TruckSafe accredited. Our members are also ensured they meet chain of responsibility requirements and have best-practice systems in place. 

“For customers, TruckSafe provides confidence that operators are safe and have responsible work practices, well maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their transport needs,” he said. 

The Australian Trucking Association is advocating for TruckSafe accredited operators to receive the same regulatory benefits as operators accredited under the NHVR’s National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). In accordance with the competitive neutrality policies agreed by the Australian and state governments, participants in competing private schemes such as TruckSafe should also benefit from the same regulatory benefits that NHVAS members can avail themselves of.

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