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ATA welcomes Joyce as new Infrastructure and Transport Minister

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19 December 2017

The trucking industry welcomes today’s announcement that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will be appointed as the new Infrastructure and Transport Minister, the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Geoff Crouch, said today.

“Barnaby Joyce has a wealth of experience and understanding of regional Australia, and understands the importance of roads and transport to communities’ right across Australia,” Mr Crouch said.

“Trucking is an enabler of opportunity, allowing businesses to reach domestic and international markets, consumers to purchase goods, farms to sell their produce, and construction materials to enable new developments.”

The Deputy Prime Minister will be responsible for a significant transport agenda in 2018.

“The Government has announced a $75 billion infrastructure program, plans for progressing road pricing reform, launching a new national freight and supply chain strategy, and important reviews into safety accreditation schemes, the National Road Safety Strategy, and the National Land Transport Network,” Mr Crouch said.

“It’s a significant to-do list and the ATA looks forward to working with the Government to ensure the views of the trucking industry are well represented.

Mr Crouch also welcomed the reappointment of Paul Fletcher as Minister for Urban Infrastructure, and now also with responsibility for cities.

“Paul Fletcher has shown a commitment to engage with trucking operators on the details of heavy vehicle reforms, and we look forward to that continuing,” Mr Crouch said.

“There is a pressing need to enhance a new national agenda on land transport safety and productivity, and the ATA looks forward to engaging with Barnaby Joyce, Paul Fletcher and the Australian Government to make this a reality.”

Mr Crouch paid thanks to the service of outgoing Transport Minister Darren Chester.

“The trucking industry thanks Darren Chester for his work as Transport Minister and in particular his commitment and passion for road safety,” Mr Crouch said.